Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Don't look up the Dictionary. You will not find it there. In GOC (Gods own Country) the term  'Barlift' is well used.

Drinking places in Kerala are known as 'BARS'.The name must have come from the state law regarding Sale of alcohol. But nobody who has traveled  by road in GOC will have any doubt about its meaning ,
It is a hotel with a facility to consume 'Indian Made Foreign Liquor'.  And 'barlift' means taking a person home when both the bar time and his capacity to drive are 'over'. ('Over ayee' in Malayalam). There are drivers (sober ones) readily available at the bar for taking such regular 'over' customers to their house in their car. The drunk and the car keys are entrusted to them. Payment for service is collected at the bar the next day.

coming up shortly a story about one such 'barlift'

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