Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The smiling Bull

People say only human beings smile, it cannot be true, you have seen dogs and cats smiling... For that matter even bulls smile. But you need a peaceful mind to see it. Read on & you can see one smiling. 

The telephone rang just as he was stepping out of his house. He hesitated for a moment & then continued in his stride. But in that stride he forgot to look towards the gate. By the time he raised his head the struggling constable and the young bull were running away from the gate. The young animal, eager to show that the plump constable was  no match for him, was pulling him away. It was the fat back of the constable that registered in the ADGP's (Additional Director General Of Police) mind. At last the constable gained control over the young animal with a tight grip on the rope tied to its nose ring & led it away.  

As far as the ADGP remembered, the sakunam, the best way to begin a day prescribed by the swamy, worked very well. He had arranged in his new official Bungalow also, a bull, to appear as sakunam. He had had it in all his earlier official residences, with some help from his obliging staff. Of course he paid for the maintenance of the animal. 
His car was ready. The driver in Police uniform held the door open for him. Inside he was not feeling as good as usual. It was then that the phone rang. 
The phone call, he knew, was the one he was expecting from the Minister's office about the new traffic island at the MC Road/KK Road Junction. He asked the driver to stop, and waited till the driver got out and closed the door. It was from the Minister's PA. 'The Minister has other ideas for the Junction' he informed. The minister wanted to reserve it for the statue of one of the senior politicians from his party. After all what is the use of a garden in the middle of the road.  With the statue of a leader in the middle of such an important junction the party gained. It can be used for taking oaths, launching agitations and will also serve as a starting point for rallies, jathas and victory celebrations.Not to mention the face value it added to the party. To the AGDP it meant that things would not go as planned & months of work would have to be reiterated, contracts already awarded for the traffic island stopped . 

 He put the mobile phone down on the seat beside him and tapped the window to signal the driver to proceed. He remembered the Sakunam, the  constable, as they moved on. Did it have some thing to do with the bad news?. 

Phone rang again, this time he did not bother to stop the car. It was the constable in plain clothes posted to watch the Assistant Director of Agriculture. 
"He is not coming in his official vehicle, Sir". 
Shit the DGP thought. 
"don't do anything. I will handle him". He kept the phone back on the seat, putting on hold his intimidation plans for the AD 
Babu Thomas, AD, Agriculture, unlike many, did not use his official vehicle for personal purposes. The old Bullet from his college days was parked in front of the house. He saw the temple bull near it. The young animal was well known for hitting anything that stood in its way. The attack was over before he could even think of  doing some thing about it, and the bull left unhurriedly with an air of having done his work perfectly.  
The very look of the carburettor of the bike said that the bike cannot be used without proper repair. Autos are not cheap either. He decided to go to the unhappy place called the police HQ by bus. 

It was the last day for clearance from Vigilance. With out it, his request for voluntary retirement from service would not be sanctioned. But in return the  the ADGP of Vigilance wanted the fruit garden, the only possession he had. It was a gift from his mother in law at the time of his marriage. 

Of course the ADGP's offer was not below the prevailing market value & he was tactful about it..... Also there was nothing he could do, he was not well connected in the political circles like the ADGP. 

In his office the ADGP was very sure about the bad sakunam, the constable's fat back. So when the constable on duty announced the Assistant Director of agriculture he thought for a moment, 

'No use.It will go wrong, what with the sakunam early in the day & everything else' ....he was sure. 
'It is the last day. the last chance. but no  risk taking  today. No work either' he decided. 
  "Let him go" He ordered 
"Ask him to leave - no charges" he made it clear. 
Babu could not believe what he heard through the partially open door. The constable repeated ' DGP Sir  said you can go, No charges against you'.  
He found himself in a room full of smiles. Not only the police men in the room but the plants and trees in the office compound & the crows on the electric lines were also smiling. It was then that he saw the young bull across the road, Smiling. A bullsmile 

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