Monday, 20 August 2012

Gomathy Ayur Remedies Pvt Ltd

I am Gomathy, a three year old cow, from Kerala (GOC). Some of you would have definitely heard about me. Not that I am a GOC movie star or have contested in the assembly election. But the pharmaceutical business, named after me manufactures a very well known range of beauty products. Many movie stars, both male and female, have claimed in advertisements that these products are the secret of their good looks.

100% Ayurvedic products from The House of Gomathy 

To tell you frankly I am not really fully female. People consider me, very beautiful, white, smooth skinned and long tailed, I am tall for a malayalee cow and you could call me fat.
But unfortunately the bulls do not find me attractive, you know the consequence. The Farm, where I was born and brought up for two years, was about to sell me to the butcher, when an young businessman came to my rescue. Though he claims to be an aeronautical engineer, he had only seen air crafts up in the sky, just like me. But he was capable of identifying opportunities in time.

He had developed some ayurvedic concoctions which he was sure will sell through good marketing.
Thus I became Gomathy and he changed his family name from Manzil to  Asram & Gomathy Ayur Remedies became popular in no time.
Face wash from cow's urine, purified using latest technologies from acclaimed companies in US and Europe, was an instant success. Though it was initially marketed as a fairness face wash feedbacks that it was a good remedy for pimples in men poured in & the new feature was added on to subsequent advertisements.
For men? effective? Don't ask me. I don't know.

Face pack from cow dung for women. The 101 times back to back purification process, as per ayurvedic formula from a 10th century text in the sole possession of the company made the medicine invaluable. It was popular from the day of its launch as it was advertised as a product from the 'House of Gomathy'.

They highlighted me as a virgin cow so others would find it difficult to follow suit easily. But this strategy brought its own problems, They could not claim the use of my milk for tonics of vigor and vitality. So the tonics are yet to be launched while the marketing is thinking through this small problem. Two actors in their late seventies have already expressed their  interest & excitement to appear in  the ad film.

You see one has to be very careful with advertising. A sight flaw could backfire with dire consequences. Remember the advertisement of 'Black monkey Rasayanam', a health tonic, long back?
It led to the down fall of a very successful ayurvedic pharmaceutical  company. They had to withdraw the product from the market though they tried to explain it contained only vegetables and fruits that the black monkeys eat. 

The argument that people were led to believe that the monkey's meat was the ingredient that made the tonic effective and there by they were tempted to kill the monkeys for meat, was accepted by the court.
Similarly tonic from grapes for anemia and coconut flower medicines for a innumerable ailments lost popularity soon because the consumers assumed the ingredients are easily available and they can make their own medicine.

I am next to appear in a one minute commercial in sell well promoting The House of Gomathy, THG for short.
Next time when you fall sick or get pimply please remember

'Jana kodikalude viswasstha Sthapanam (An organisation trusted by millions)....................Gomathy Ayur Remedies Pvt Ltd'

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