Thursday, 11 October 2012

A political interlude

We, the masses, are not interested in politics. but when things fail we too are disturbed.  
So this is the story of Anna Hazare.
Most of my readers are, I believe, from foriegn shores. It might take them a while to connect to this.But still to keep record.......

image courtesy :
Potrait by Muralidharan Alagar

He was well above seventy, looked like a figure stepped out of the photographs
of the freedom struggle. He and two of his disciples were at the bus
stop. Both appeared to be from the locality. One, a lady in her
sixties with short hair in salwar kameez and the other well dressed, middle
aged man who exuded  authority. Buses were very rare on the route. Being a
Sunday evening the roads were empty, may be all were watching the Sunday
movie on the TV for the 224th time.

Before I could study them well a new multi colored poster attracted my
attention. “To hell with family rule”.  I did not bother to stop and
read.                            '
I continued on my way, wondering to what extend our political system has
degenerated. Has it really reached the bottom of the abyss of no
escape?. we are forced to elect totally unqualified people just
because they happen to be the spouse/offspring of an established
leader or is it just that all of us are part of the NOTA  ( None Of The
Above ) Class
I do not believe  conjugation is a process by which qualities of
leaders  are transferred to their partners  and the right to lie is a
fundamental right to be included in the constitution.

On my return from Kodur after my one and a half  hour  walk  he was
still there. Alone
What was he waiting for? For the bus that is likely to come tomorrow?

'How far is the railway station?' I heard him behind me
'Three kilometers' I said looking back.
' You could have taken  the PRESIDENT Bus which went past you half an
hour back.' I added on seeing him hurrying to join me.
The bus with the name President was the last for the day in the route
'I like walking' he sounded defiant
'But you will miss the Train' I said involuntarily
He did not answer for a while . Then I heard him murmuring 'Not that, not that'
Or was he saying 'NOTA, NOTA'  I wondered
'Your good name Sir?' I could not control my inquisitiveness
'ANNA' He said.
I thanked him and took leave, I had reached home.

A bit of background information might be required for all of you from faraway lands to connect to this story.Please look up Anna Hazare here 

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