Monday, 9 July 2012

Knap Saar

This is in remembrance of Knaap Saar, my boarding master in primary school. He's made an appearance before, look up Killings 

There may not be much in a name but at times we come across names we never forget in our lives.

Sundays were the most boring for the boys. They were not allowed to play on sunday evenings. They spent the sunday evenings on the verandas of the school. It was on such a Sunday evening that they made the greatest contribution to their boarding school lore.
They were trying on the many masks they made from card board covers of note books. Few ran around wearing the masks. An elderly man, taking a short cut to his house though the school compound, reached the veranda of the school unaware of their presence. The boys appeared in front of him as if from no where. It was not intentional but he was shocked to the core.

They removed their masks to reveal their faces, but he was not willing to forgive.
“Who are you? Why are you here?” he demanded.
“We are from the school boarding.” Their reply did not satisfy him
“Who is your boarding master?”
“Craft Sir” one of them replied meekly
“Eathu  Knap Saar? loosely translated to which clumsy, contraption of a teacher? "I will meet him.” he threatened.

The boys did not care, they knew he could do nothing about it. But they were pleased that they had a good name for their boarding master. He did not have a proper nick name till then. This name suited him very well. The boarding master was the craft teacher of the school and the boys were unanimous that the things taught in the craft class were totally useless.

The name had an added advantage, they could use it openly making Knap sound almost like craft!

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