Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The prayer

One may say I am a non believer. But if you ask me I am not sure. By definition God is every where but no one has ever seen Him. He is all powerful but wants us, fragile humans to fight the evil for Him. He knows every thing but wants us, dim wits, to spread His message, He is all merciful but all the calamities are His punishments to set us right. He expects us to pray to Him, but His intentions will not change. Yes I am just confused.

So these stories about the devils of Gods own country

The prayer

'Have you any pens?' 
I looked up.
He was not young but I could not place him on the age scale.
“ This is only a medical shop, we do not sell pens” He was my first customer of the day and some thing about him prevented me from disappointing him so I added “ but I can lend you one”.
He was very happy. “ I may take more time to return “ he said hesitating to take it.
“No problem I have many for my use”.
A call interrupted us. “Yes I am Joby” I said to the person on the line, while the borrower of the pen moved away and I forgot about it.
It was almost noon when I went out to get some change. I saw him sitting on the steps of the nextshop, which was closed, busily writing. I smiled at him and went on with my work.
Being a week end I had lot to do and did not notice the time.
“Thanks a lot” he returned the pen and waited for a minute looking around. No one else was there on the counter .
I noticed something wild in his eyes and a number of letters in his hands
He smiled and gave me one
It was addressed to me. Mr. Joby, Care well Druggist, KK Road
I took it and started reading. I did not notice him leaving
It was a prayer, the usual one with an introduction requesting to forward copy of it to 11 people and
gain innumerable benefits and a conclusion warning about the likely damages for not doing. I was
not only disappointed but rather angry
But I could not stop smiling when I saw the signature below.
It was SATAN in red ink and I saw his face smiling below.

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