Tuesday, 22 August 2017

GST and my dog

It was early in the morning. As usual I had just opened  the door  of the doghouse and turned to go to the gate to  get the news paper.
Hello’ I turned back.  It was our dog Husky.
I had been observing the change in the dog's behaviour for the past  few months. But I never expected him to talk like us.
Michael Crichton in his novel  ‘Congo’ says it is unbecoming for us to assume that we are superior to  animals and still  talk to them in our language and expect them to understand rather than to understand and  use their language.
Husky is a very intelligent  dog. He has taught me many words of his vocal language and body  language to such a level that I can understand  all his limited needs.
Looking around  to assure that no one else is around I said ‘yes huskey?’
‘GST’  he replied.
I quickly  searched my brain  ‘GSD german Shepherd  dog not GST’ I said thinking of the dog who comes at times to meet husky
‘GST’ he repeated emphatically.’
What complaint a dog can have about  GST I wondered.
‘Security ‘ he said as if he read my mind. I Looked  at him enquiring.
‘ Service’ he said in explaining
I think he read the expression  on  my face and waited for my answer.
‘Dogs are not liable to pay or collect taxes.’ I was sure he is not aware of the tax system that even our legal experts are not familiar with.. I saw  some relief  in him.
‘Food’ he said in sign language.
I remembered the dog biscuits  I used to give in the morning without  his asking. So I said ‘Oh the GST on biscuits !  it is going to be costlier ‘
‘Bones’ he  said showing me the sign for it. I was familiar  with it as he used it to welcome me back home on Wednesdays with the KFC chicken.
I thought for a moment  and said ‘going to be costly and difficult  to get. They don't want us to kill animals. Only  vegetables’
He was crestfallen .  I was about to say  ‘fish is available  still’  but remembered  the Matsya Avatar  and turned  fast  to avoid his noticing the change  in  my face. I did not take  the newspaper thought I will tell you first.  

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