Tuesday, 19 June 2012

my first pair

Canvas shoes
I cannot say for certain whether I had worn any sort of foot wear before that. Had I, surely, I would have remembered how inconvenient it was. The first one I remember did hurt me but there was compensation in the form pleasure of getting a pair before my brother did.
They were a pair of canvas shoes, blue with  white soles and the round patchwork emblems of a hockey player at the ankles. they were called hockey shoes, I used to wonder how they got the name, was it because they used it in the game or because of the emblem. Any way my eldest brother who brought it from Pune, might have bought it only because it was cheap. The pair was tried first on my brother who being 18 months elder to me, naturally had the first right. 

Due to his bad luck however, it was too tight for him. He tried his best to wear them, pulling at the hee   ls, but could not. So the pair came to me. I think, it was tight for me too, but am not sure as I had no prior experience of wearing any. 

I wore it, in spite of painful shoe bites, because my brother did not have one. But that comfort also did not last long, My parents had ordered a pair of leather shoes for my brother, to redress  the injustice done to him. It came after two weeks, the usual manufacturing time. It was a black pair, not at all colourful, but surely more comfortable being made to size by the shoemaker at Munnar.
Both of us did not wear them for long. You know why. I  still believe we would not have cared to wear shoes, had my eldest brother had bought two pairs of right sizes initially.

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