Tuesday, 12 June 2012

James & HH Jamelius

You wont believe there are two souls living in the cupola  (Kurishumthotty) at Kanjikuzhi Junction. I would not have believed either, had I not heard them talking last Saturday. It was the second bandh day we observed in protest of petrol price rise. The shopkeepers were glad that two bandh days and a Sunday gave them an extended week end, They closed their shops and went on pilgrimage or sight-seeing to Tamil Nadu on Friday itself. The roads were deserted, not even pedestrians at the junction. I had gone out to see whether any bread is available. It was cloudy, but I did not expect rain at noon. On my way back, it started raining. I was very near the cupola. I found shelter at the nearest shop veranda. It was then that I heard them.

'James are you stealing my money again?' The voice sounded authority and grace. There was no reply from James for some time. May be he was looking around to see who was talking. He was very good at extracting currency notes from the offering box using the sticky resin of jack fruit & coconut leaf rib, irkil, while he pretended to be sleeping in front of the kurishumthotti.
“So you were guarding the box hiding behind the Photo?” asked James. The space behind the big painting of the late Metropolitan of All saints Church of God, HH Mar Jamelius is a good hide out
The voice said “ you are taking the money offered by the devotees for poor people.
"But I am also very poor" said James
"James, yes, you are poor but you never worked and live on ganja (Marijuana ).".... said the voice, obviously knowledgeable about James's less credible lifestyle. "But most people do not work, they just pretend to do so. The people who make offerings are either getting bribe or are stealing. Who has money nowadays to spare for offerings?" James was not ready to concede
"What I was trying to tell you is that the money is for setting up good schools and hospitals and build big churches, not for people like you. I pray for you daily and beseech our lord to take pity on you and allow you to accompany me to heaven and you are stealing my money?".... HH Jamelius sounded slightly angry.
"You pray or not I am not coming with you. You go alone or come with me to hell. The place seems OK to me, any way it cannot be worse than this."
I was able to control my laughter but it seems I made some sound. I waited but they were silent.
The rain stopped. I went home.

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